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Connecticut is one of the few states working to benefit from the federal Affordable Care Act. However, we are not depending on Washington, D.C. to get the job done.  Our state is on the leading edge of state-based health reform that will offer:

  • Better value for our health care dollars
  • High-quality care that focuses on the patient first
  • New health plan choices for residents

Connecticut has building blocks in place to deliver better value, high quality and new choices.  Here are a few ways our state is moving forward:

Health Care Cabinet

The state’s Health Care Cabinet is working to coordinate state and federal reform to make sure residents get the best of both.  Two key tasks of the Cabinet are:

  • Promoting initiatives to encourage new, quality health plan choices by opening up the Connecticut health insurance market to offer nonprofit and other alternatives to private, for-profit insurance plans.  The Cabinet is required to make recommendations by October 1, 2012. The Business Plan Workgroup made preliminary recommendtions to open up CT's insurance market on June 12.
  • Evaluating the creation of a Basic Health Program to offer health coverage to 75,000+ state residents that earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but will not be able to afford coverage in 2014.  The program would be funded by new federal dollars through the Affordable Care Act.

For more information on the Health Care Cabinet go to:

Health Insurance Exchange

The state is setting up its own Health Insurance Exchange funded through the Affordable Care Act.  The Exchange will serve as a consumer-friendly, on-line marketplace for individuals and small businesses to comparison shop for quality health care plans beginning in 2014.

For more information on the Health Insurance Exchange go to:

HealthyCT CO-OP

Connecticut is moving forward to establish a new, nonprofit health insurance company.  Currently, only for-profit, private insurance plans are available in Connecticut.  The consumer operated and oriented plan (CO-OP) will focus on quality and coordination of care.  Surpluses will be used to help keep premiums stable and improve care.  The CT State Medical Society and CSMS-IPA have won federal approval to start the HealthyCT CO-OP.

For more information on the HealthyCT CO-OP go to:

State Health Plan Innovations

The state is using its own health plan to put good health first and spend tax dollars more wisely.  The State Employee Health Plan offers a new Health Enhancement Program (HEP) to employees and their families.  HEP provides incentives for individuals to get appropriate health services, including physical exams, preventive screenings and effective management of chronic health conditions.  Both the State Employee and Medicaid/HUSKY plans are working with primary care providers to offer better coordinated care to avoid costly hospital stays and emergency room use.

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